I Am:

  • Christ follower. Only child. Married to my college sweetheart. Creative. A Shade picky. Organized. Shoe enthusiast. Texas native. Dog lover. iPod addict. Mini Cooper S driver. City dweller. Small-town chick.

I Love:

  • Fashion. Coffee. Cooking. Black and white. Dark chocolate. The color red. Naps on the couch on Sunday afternoon. James Avery jewelry. My puppy dude. Music. Keeping up with the news. Going barefoot. Chips and hot sauce.

Come In & Read About:

  • Me, of course! Oh, the dear hubby might be mentioned in passing...

    Thoughts on life and all that goes on within it.

    People, places, or things that I find worthy of expounding upon.

    Musings of the DogKid's wee-little life.

    Recipes I've found and/or made that I think are scrumptious.

    Completely trivial observations on the books I read.

    Anything else I deem good, just, and fitting to give you an earful of!

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S, I have a pair of Justins and I LOOOVE them. So worn-in and comfy! But my husband is NOT a cowboy - the thought of him in boots makes me LOL - so I buckle to his peer pressure and haven't pulled them out in forever. But I am my own woman, right?

I'm salivating with envy! And you're ears must have been itchin' lately b/c we have enjoyed two Suzy McG recipes over the past week: broccoli rice casserole & whole wheat biscuits! Can't wait to see ya strut your stuff in yer new boots!

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