I Am:

  • Christ follower. Only child. Married to my college sweetheart. Creative. A Shade picky. Organized. Shoe enthusiast. Texas native. Dog lover. iPod addict. Mini Cooper S driver. City dweller. Small-town chick.

I Love:

  • Fashion. Coffee. Cooking. Black and white. Dark chocolate. The color red. Naps on the couch on Sunday afternoon. James Avery jewelry. My puppy dude. Music. Keeping up with the news. Going barefoot. Chips and hot sauce.

Come In & Read About:

  • Me, of course! Oh, the dear hubby might be mentioned in passing...

    Thoughts on life and all that goes on within it.

    People, places, or things that I find worthy of expounding upon.

    Musings of the DogKid's wee-little life.

    Recipes I've found and/or made that I think are scrumptious.

    Completely trivial observations on the books I read.

    Anything else I deem good, just, and fitting to give you an earful of!

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I had to comment on this posting. I am a friend of your sister-in-law, Anna, who I was just on vacation with last week. She was telling me about your dog, and today I was at an Ulta store in Frisco and saw a girl carrying a miniature pinscher, which made me wonder if it was you. I googled your name to try and find a picture of you, ended up finding your blog, and got to this post.

Something similar just happened to me tonight, and my husband and I gave some money to a guy for a bus pass he said he needed. I was skeptical, wondering if we should have done that or not, if he really was going to use it for a bus pass, etc. (We generally have a rule about giving only food). But my husband reminded me that it's not our place to be skeptics about what we give and how someone will use it- but just that if someone in need asks, we give if we are led to. We have been given so much, so in turn we should give to others. And even if we haven't been given much, we are still asked to give to others... A hard thing to do sometimes!

I'm glad we did give tonight; I know there are many times I've said the same things you have and regretted it as well.

So, whether or not that was you I saw today, it led me to your blog and gave me some peace and a reminder about how Christ has called us to live.

Thank you!

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